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Who am I?

  • Am I an arrogant, self-centred and super clever individual who knows it all?
  • Am I a whizz kid who has an answer for everything, claims to be better than everybody else and thinks that the rest of the world should follow his wise and unique advice?
  • Am I a super salesman who turns everything that he touches into gold, wiser and more intelligent than most people?

The answer to those 3 questions is a big NO!

So who am I then? What makes me such an expert in this very challenging and often misunderstood field that is the world of sales? Over 20 years in sales, ranging from the very easy and straightforward deals to the utmost complicated and nearly impossible sales in very high pressure environments where the new trainees would sometimes last one day. I have been at the top, I have made sales, taught others how to sell, recruited, trained and supported others who were struggling. Like everybody else who has been in sales for a long time I have had good times and bad times, sometimes the money was so good that other people thought that I had won the Lottery but there were also times when things didn't go so well.

I hope you will find this website interesting, inspiring and a source of valuable information. I owe a lot to the world of sales, I wouldn't do anything else, 'sales' have been very good to me. I've created this website as a source of valuable knowledge for those who are looking for answers, those who need help understanding the incredible power of the mind and attitude. This website will share all that I've learned over the years to help you and others finding their way to the top of the sales career.

Do you want to try a new thing?

Try this:

Improve your positive thinking - improve your Sales Attitude Find a place where you can be undisturbed, a place with a mirror (a bathroom will do), and try to relax as much as possible. Try to empty your mind completely. Now look at the mirror and try to think about only good things, all the good things that you would like to happen to you, imagine that you are already the sort of personality that you'd like to be and think of all the things that you would like to buy and own. Try to control your thoughts, do not let any negative thoughts invade your mind. Try to feel good about it. The first time that you do this you may feel strange and think that there must be something wrong because you have not felt good for some time, but the more you will do it the better you'll feel. Now you feel bad because your thoughts are negative most of the time, your feelings are a direct result of the thoughts you hold in your mind.

Some people call this daydreaming, some people call it self hypnosis, I just call it an exercise to keep the mind occupied with happy thoughts. If your mind is occupied with happy thoughts the happy feelings will soon follow, this is 100% true, your feelings follow your thoughts, it's impossible to feel good whilst you hold negative thoughts.

Change your thoughts, change your feelings,
change your life.

Sales Myths and Truths
Myth Truth
I wasn't born a salesman so I will never be very good at it Salesmen are not born, they are trained. With the right training and the right mindset anybody can reach the top of the sales career. Obviously some people will find it easier than others, they might have a more suitable personality but it's all about proper training.
Sales is not a proper job, I'm just doing it until I can find something better Sales is a proper job, some people make a fantastic living out of it. To achieve that you have to admit and believe that sales is a proper and noble profession, you can't be good at something that you don't believe in. If you can't sell it's because probably nobody taught you how to do it.
Sales is just the luck of the draw You make your own luck, if you are in the right place at the right time then the sales will happen. If you decide not to go to work then you can't get lucky because you are not in the right place at the right time. Normally the people with the highest figures are the ones who work the longest hours.
To be a top salesperson I have to cheat or lie NO. Definitely not. The people who lie and cheat should be fired, they give the rest of the sales force a bad name. They normally cheat because they are too lazy and can't be bothered to learn how to do the job properly. Normally they don't last and very seldom reach the top.
Sales won't be around for long, people are buying more and more things on-line There has always been a need for salespeople, there will always be a need for salespeople. For as long as there is money and greed in the world there will always be salespeople. Can you imagine a world without money and greed?
Why are we hooked on negative thinking?

Own your own Ferrari - think positive!We love arguing. We love bad news. We spend much more time worrying about the negative aspects of life than we do rejoicing over the good things in the world. If there is a big accident on the motorway whilst we are driving we stop to look at it. We want to know all the details, we don't think of the other thousands of drivers who are driving carefully, we just criticize the unlucky person who was driving too fast or recklessly and caused a nasty accident. We tell all our friends about it. We become bearers of bad news and divulge it, we make sure that everybody knows about it (Without realizing it, we want everybody else to feel as bad as we do). If something very bad and unpleasant happens anywhere in the world the sales of newspapers go up, we buy a newspaper and just to make sure that we have got the right story we buy another newspaper. We discuss it with our friends and bad news becomes the main topic of conversation. We become immersed in bad news, unpleasant situations and think of the world we live in as a dangerous and accident-prone environment. We start to accept that sooner or later something unpleasant will happen to us as well. We anticipate problems, get ready and prepare for them and expect the worst, we doubt whether we have what it takes to overcome them, our minds are overflowing with self doubt and pessimism.


It's comforting. It excuses our failures. It allows us to avoid challenges. It explains why we fail. It makes our failures palatable. We live in a negative world and because we are normal we are negative like everybody else, we assume that people who are successful must be cheating and are dishonest. Can you imagine telling your friends and family, "I didn't sell today because I don't know how to" or "I don't understand sales because I'm not very intelligent" or "I didn't sell because sales is not my cup of tea"? No, no, you find excuses and justifications for not selling, you always blame it on outside circumstances and other people! But if you are doing well then you want all the credit, you tell everybody how clever you are, how hard you work, how you are in control of everything and everybody. This is not right, you can only take the credit for succeeding if you accept the responsibility for failing.

If you always blame others for your lack of success then you will never improve because you can't change others or the market conditions! It doesn't work. The only thing that you can change is the way you act towards the market conditions and your attitude towards new challenges and sales. Always remember, you have to adapt to the world, not the other way around, the world will never adapt to you ! !

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