What is attitude?
Improve your sales attitude

Attitude is a complex mental state involving feelings, beliefs, values and dispositions to behave in certain ways. Your attitude today is the result of what happened to you in the past but will dictate, up to a point, what will happen to you in the future. Your attitude is your most important asset, it colours every aspect of your life.

  • It is an inward feeling expressed by outside behaviour.
  • People always act and behave according to their attitude.
  • It can paint everything in bright and exciting colours " making your life into a magnificent experience, or it can make everything dark and frightening.
  • It is your best friend or your worst enemy.
  • It is what draws people to you or repels them.
  • It describes you better than words ever can.
  • It is a 100% within your control.

Everything in your life is affected by your attitude, your job, your relationship, your health and your circumstances. Your attitude doesn't only affect your lifestyle today but it will also dramatically affect your future and everything you do.

If you want to improve your life but are confused as to where to begin, start a new phase in your life by changing your attitude.

Tips on sales attitude

There is more to life than work

You must have something going on outside of work, something you enjoy doing, like a sport or a hobby. That 'something' must be more important to you than work. If you have that 'something' that you are good at then your self confidence will always be there, even though you may not be aware of it. If you are confused, disheartened and frustrated and you don't know what to do next then start a physical program and soon you will be looking at life from a different angle. You will sleep better and feel more relaxed.

Ease off the pressure, take a break

If you have been selling constantly but all of a sudden you start to lose control of the situation and miss a few sales, don't despair, take a break and do something that you enjoy, like going on a nice holiday or spending time with family or friends. To enjoy life is not a vice, it is a virtue.

Avoid negative companions

Avoid spending time with negative colleagues/people, think of them as a very contagious disease, you don't want to be infected with it. This is the number one demotivator in sales, you are only as good as the people you hang around with.

Do not mix work with personal life

A very good friend of mine, top producer and a specialist in different types of sales, once told me, " The problems at home should stay at home and the problems at work should stay at work, that way you can be married to both for a long time (meaning a good private life and a good professional life, without one interfering with the other)" .

Dream, dream, dream

You have to have dreams. It may be that you want to own a top of the range sports car, go on holidays to the best spots in the world or have a beautiful partner. A sales agent without dreams won't go very far, take my word for it. When you are feeling down and frustrated, think of one of your dreams, visualize it in your mind and you will feel like new.

Fear can be a friend - Use it to your advantage

Fear is your worst enemy, but it can also be a friend if you know how to control it, if you learn how to harness it, it may become a friend and an invaluable teacher. Most fears come from childhood. Most people look at fear as a bad thing, others thrive under fear and difficult challenges. Take a moment and analyze your worst fears and then visualize in your mind how wonderful it would be if you could conquer those fears. It is a mind game, but it works, in some cases fantastically well.

Hire a private tutor

These days people pay for all sorts of private tuition, they pay money for computer courses, speak Chinese, yoga classes, learn to sing, look after virtual pets (only in Japan, the rest of the world hasn't reached that stage yet), etc, the list is endless. Don't you think that it makes a lot of sense to pay for a private tutor, if you do it right your earnings will go up a lot. The training you get from some employers is very generic, if you want to be a top producer you will have to look for other ways to acquire knowledge.

Be a believer

Believe in something or somebody greater than yourself. Most top performers in sales are strong believers, whether it is religion, the esoteric arts or politics. You must always have someone to look up to. If you are confused and can't think of anything or anybody to believe in, why not believe in yourself?

Do these tips work? Yes!

Be the greatest salesman with thought controlOne of the most important things in life is to be able to control our own thoughts. A little thought, either good or bad, will stay in our minds and develop there for as long as we keep feeding it with nourishment (by nourishment I mean other similar thoughts). For example, if you think you can make a lot of money in sales, and then meet someone who drives a very nice car who happens to be in sales, and then meet someone who lives in a beautiful house and is also in sales, you start to become convinced that if you could make it big in sales you could also have all those nice things. It's all 100% true.


But beware because it can also happen the other way, you start to doubt your ability to sell, and then meet someone who happened to be in sales but couldn't do it, and then meet someone who worked in sales but didn't make any money. Whatever thoughts you have in your mind will grow there, so follow my advice and just think happy and good thoughts, it will work one way or the other, the choice is yours.


Because selling is all about attitude, if your attitude is right then you will do very well, attitude is far more important than all the selling techniques combined.

One of the reasons why a lot of training programs fail is because they are geared to the product on offer, not the person who sells it.

Your attitude will have as much of an impact on how successful you are in your career as your education or experience.

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