The secret to sales success

What is the secret of sales success - Sales Attitude

I am not a genius, I didn't invent the art of selling and I am not the greatest salesperson in the world, there are people who know more about the selling game than me

But I have a deep understanding of what it is all about, I know why some people do very well and some other people can't sell, even though they try hard and have a lot of product knowledge. I have been there, done it, sometimes fantastically well and some other times my attitude let me down and I performed well below of what was expected. In those times when I under performed I still had the same product knowledge as before and the customers and the market conditions were all the same (the only thing which was different was the way I looked at the customers and the market conditions).

When you are very positive you do your best and normally win and take full credit for a job well done (you are in control of your life). But when you are negative you blame your lack of success on outside factors and on outside circumstances. That way you can't win because you are trying to do the impossible which is to change others, the only thing you can change is yourself and the way you look at others.

Books and movies
Improve your sales success with Sales Attitude


I have already recommended a few books, I am a very strong believer that one can learn a lot from good books. The books I recommended can be very useful whether you are new to the selling game or you have been doing it for a long time. If you are dead serious about sales, have been at the top before but are experiencing constant lack of motivation and are losing far too many deals then I recommend another two books, The Art of war and The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. The first book was written by a Chinese General long time ago and it is about strategy and the second one is about the power of belief. They are very advanced books and some people may find it difficult to absorb their teachings, I recommended them to some of my personal friends and in some cases they could not understand what they have to do with sales, but believe me, they do, especially The Art of War, some top executives base all their actions and business decisions on it. If you need help understanding any of them feel free to contact me on the email provided.


There are a lot of movies about sales and I have seen most of them, there is a lesson to be learned in almost every single one. But there are also other movies that are not about sales but mention principles that, if understood correctly, can be a valuable help in sales. One such example is 'Inception' with DiCaprio. In the beginning of the movie Cobb, masterfully played by Leonardo DiCaprio, uses a phrase where he says that the most resilient parasite is not bacteria, or virus, or an intestinal worm. The most resilient parasite is an idea strongly implanted in the mind and it's almost impossible to eradicate! It's resilient and highly contagious. A person can cover it up, ignore it and pretend that it doesn't exist - but it stays there. An idea is stronger than information, one can forget information but a fully formed and understood idea sticks!

What has this expression got to do with sales? Everything! Nowadays there are a lot of sales trainers very short-sighted, or that don't really understand how the mind works, they use very old fashioned techniques and know very little about how the mind works to achieve a certain goal. To those so-called " sales specialists" sales training is all about sales techniques, objection handling and product knowledge. There is nothing in their training sessions about how to control one" s thoughts and ideas and attitude and mental techniques are almost never touched. But that" s where everything is, the sales agent" s mind and his ideas, if he thinks that he can't do it then no amount of sales stuff will make him sell. Change his way of thinking and the results will be overwhelming and almost unbelievable.

Positive vs Negative

A sales person doesn't just decide that he's going to fail or wishes to be fired because he isn't doing his job. No, of course not! That would defy all logic. But that person carries within himself the seeds of failure. He spends more time listening to the people who are failing than to the people who are successful. He spends more time worrying about bills to pay than planning a nice holiday or buying something good, like a new car.

The same way that a doctor can tell when you are sick (or you are going to get sick) just by analyzing your symptoms, I can also tell if you are going to succeed or fail by analyzing your symptoms (the way you react or feel in specific areas of your life).

The four examples below show how you react to a certain situation in 4 different areas of your life, how you feel and behave regarding either the example in the left or the one in the right will determine how successful you will be in your life.

Power or Victim

  • You see yourself as the master of your own destiny
  • You set clear goals, you are willing to ask for help and when asked are always ready to help without expecting anything in return
  • You are in control
  • You are submissive and powerless in your own life and in the world
  • You rarely take action until it is too late and you don't normally ask for help
  • Your are passive around others, you usually sacrifice your own needs to please other people but then you envy their success

Abundance or Limitation

  • You see an unlimited source of good available in the Universe and believe that some will come to you
  • You always see the potential in everything you do and believe that you can win
  • You acknowledge your own creativity and worthiness as being unlimited
  • You always see the limitation in everything you do
  • You assume that the few good things in the world are never going to come to you, good things only happen to other people
  • You believe that the world is an empty, hopeless place

Success or Poverty

  • You focus on what's going right even if your are still working on your goals
  • You think that all good things will come to you and you don't spend time worrying
  • You acknowledge many kinds of success and you expect more success in the future
  • You focus on what's wrong in the world and can't identify your goals
  • You don't really know how to be happy, you view yourself as generally incapable
  • You criticize and envy successful people, you believe that successful people are not honest

Trust or Fear

  • You filter your life experience through an attitude of trust, hope and optimism
  • You see the world as relatively safe, and you trust that you'll be able to manage even the difficult things that may come up
  • You are willing to take risks and move forward no matter what the outcome
  • Whatever you do you always expect problems, you don't believe you can win
  • You see the world as unsafe and hostile and you don't trust anybody
  • You always try to anticipate problems out of a need to control the outcome and prevent disaster

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