Sales slump, is it always a bad thing?

Why do so many people start working in sales with loads of enthusiasm but are finished after a short period of time? What are the reasons?

There are many reasons and it would take a lot of time and space to enumerate them all, the 3 most common ones are:

It's not for everybody

Not everyone can be a sales consultant, the same way that not everybody can be a lawyer, a dentist or a plumber, it doesn't mean that the job is wrong or that there is anything wrong with the person, we all have our own aptitudes and mentalities, that's the way the world is.

Some people will never be good at anything

Some people are too lazy, confused and have a weak personality, sometimes caused by poor upbringing, bad relations and hanging out with the wrong companions. They like to moan, complain and criticize and are normally jealous of other people's success. They are always moving jobs hoping that the next job will be easier, less stressful or the co-workers will be nicer, but will in most cases change job again shortly looking for that magic job that only exists in their imagination. They can't finish what they start, very rarely ask for help and lack faith in their own actions, they think that the world they live in is a hostile place and they don't deserve success.


This is the number one reason, if the training sales personnel get from some companies was more thorough, specific and effective, this wouldn't happen. Most companies use expressions like, " no experience required, we give you all the training needed," but in reality all you get is compliance training, health and safety and a bit of product knowledge, you then have consultants that are compliant on regulations about the product and health and safety, have a very limited knowledge about what they are selling but don't have a clue about or why selling is the way it is. When some companies tell you that no experience is required, they give you all the training needed and then they don't give you any sales training but still expect you to produce results in a business that can be very tough and challenging, it seems very contradictory, that" s the main reason why the turnover of sales staff is so high.

Sales Slumps
improve your selling performance with a positive attitude

Is there a way to completely avoid a sales slump?

Yes there is, and a very simple one, get out of sales and do something else!

If you have never been in sales slump it means:

  • You haven't been in sales long enough, or
  • Your targets and your goals are too low, you are not hungry enough, or,
  • You live in a fantasy world, or
  • You are cheating, or
  • A combination of these four reasons.

What is it?

A sales slump can (and will) happen to anyone, it doesn't matter how great you are in sales. It doesn't mean that there is anything wrong with you or you are losing your touch, or that there is anything wrong with your job. You must have the night to enjoy the day. Every time you find yourself in a slump and then finally come out of it, you get better at what you do. If you don't learn how to overcome a slump you will never be great in the world of sales.

The way it normally starts is you start to miss steps in the sales process, you skip a few things here and there and start to realize that your sales are down. A slump is a decrease in performance over time, not just one bad day. You lose one sale. You worry about it and then lose another sale. You worry even more. Then one of your colleagues points out that, "you might be in a slump". Suddenly you decide you are in "an official slump". Your frustration and anger about "being in a slump" fuels it, makes it worse and maintains it.

Don't let people talk you into a slump

Some people love to tell you that you're in a slump (they are mostly very negative people, they are feeling down and they want you to feel the same way as they do). Don't let their negativity affect you, make up your own mind about your sales performance.

How to overcome it?
Take a holiday to improve your sales performance - sales attitude
1 - Go out and buy something new for yourself or do something that you "really" enjoy.

Take a break, go on holiday, enjoy yourself. When you were selling a lot you were having fun, do the same things now that you were doing when you were selling, it's all a mind game! You may be thinking, "I am depressed now but as soon as I start selling I will feel good again". No! That's the other way around, you have to feel good and then you will start selling again. I am depressed now but as soon as I start selling I will feel good again". No! That's the other way around, you have to feel good and then you will start selling again.

2 - Change your routine

Sometimes a slump starts because you're bored, yet you may not realize it. Your routine may be too predictable. Often just by changing the order in which you do your presentation you will get back on track.

3 - Stop trying so hard when you are with customers

Relax, relax and relax. If you are too tense your prospect will sense it and won't buy. Slumps can make you exert incredible amounts of non-useful energy. From a performance psychology standpoint, only the right amont of effort gives great results. Too little effort and your performance is flat. A slump unfortunately brings out too much negative energy in your efforts to defeat the slump. Trying too hard kills your selling performance. Work smarter, not harder.

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