Mental attitude and sports performance

Improve your mental Attitude - Sales AttitudeSports performance and sales, what's the connection? Physically, not much, but mentally, a lot. The qualities required for both the athlete and the sales agent to excel in the field are the same, tenacity, persistence, winning attitude and self belief. Many athletes fail to win because a lack of belief, in their own minds they don't believe that they can win, they are paralyzed by the fear of losing, they are not able to harness their inner fears. Before a football game the coach always goes over all the different things that every player must do in order for the team to win, a lot of it is motivation and strategy, convince the players that they can win (the good ones don't need convincing). It's the same in the morning meeting, the manager's job is to convince the players (the sales agents) that they can win, a lot of it is motivation (the good ones don't need convincing).

Sports top performance is dictated only by what we can see in our minds.

The things that are being achieved today in the sports field were in the past thought of as impossible. The same thing will happen in the next 50 years, people will do things that today we cannot do, or believe we can do. If we could see ourselves doing those things today, then we would do it today.

Fears of sales agents VS Fears of athletes
Fears of sales agents VS Fears of athletes

In the above examples both the athlete and the sales agent suffer the same fears, anxieties and negative feelings. How they handle those negative feelings, especially the fear of losing, will dictate how successful they will be in their careers.

Cus D'Amato, famous boxing trainer (he was Mike Tyson's trainer and mentor) said that, "Fear is a friend of exceptional people. Fear is like a fire. If you control it, as we do when we heat our houses, it is a friend. When you don't, it consumes you and everything you do and everything around you."

Sport world records
Superior mind training with sales attiude

These days there are more and more athletes excelling at all types of sports and doing things that a few years ago would seem impossible. The reasons for this are big advancements in nutrition, kinesiology and the understanding that human accomplishments are only limited by our own minds (unfortunately big advances in chemistry as well, we hear about it all the time on the news, that's what I call to be tempted by the Dark side of the Force (I will go into this in more detail in another chapter)).

Sports records are the result of superior mind training more so than physical training (mind over matter). In sport, like in sales, the winner takes it all. Below are the world records of some well known sports, recent records and also of about 50 years ago:

Become a winner in sales


24 August 1958 - 2:15:18 - Sergei Popov from Soviet Union
28 September 2008 - 2:03:59 - Haile Gebrsellassie from Ethiopia

Swim - 400 metres freestyle

7 February 1959 - 4:19.00 - John Conrads from Australia
26 July 2009 - 3:40.07 - Paul Biedermann from Germany

Clean and Jerk - Olympic lift

1960 Olympics, Rome - 202.5 Kg - Yury Vlaslov from Russia
2004 Olympics, Athens - 263.5 Kg - Horsein Reza Zadeh from Iran

Bench Press

25 March 1967 - 279.54 Kg - Pat Casey from USA
8 November 2008 - 488.64 Kg - Ryan Kennelly from USA


6 December 1969 - 320 Kg - George Frenn from USA
19 January 2008 - 567 Kg - Vlad Alhazov from Russia

In the next 50 years all these records will be beaten, by how much depends only in the capacity for the human mind to dream and achieve.

Bruce Lee, the greatest martial artist who ever lived and a Master in the science of mind control and focus to achieve greatness, wrote in one of his books:

"The mind is like a fertile garden in which anything that is planted, flowers or weeds, will grow".

In short, whatever thoughts you hold in your mind, whether good or bad, will grow and multiply themselves. This explains, without a shadow of a doubt, the success syndrome.

When you start to feel very good about something, all of a sudden, everything you touch turns to gold. Is one good thing after another (but it can also happen the other way around, if you feel very bad about something, the same snowfall effect will also happen and you experience one bad thing after another).

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