Why do some people make a lot of money in sales whilst others can hardly afford to buy food or pay the rent?

Has this ever happened to you?

improve your sales additude

Your credit cards are over the limit. Your mortgage is in arrears. You are on your second marriage paying child support, or a single parent trying to keep it all together, all by yourself. Everyday you are living with the possibility of a decreasing or lost income. Everyone is expecting more from you: Your bank manager who keeps reminding you of all your debts, your employer who wants more sales from you, your customers who are asking for a better deal or else they will buy from the competition. You just don't seem to be able to relax or unwind anymore. Your confidence is deserting you. Before you used to sleep like a baby but now you lay in bed wondering why you got into sales in the first place!

You just don't understand it anymore, you were doing very well until recently and all of a sudden the prospects are not warming to you anymore, they are not asking buying questions, instead they keep throwing wild objections at you that you have no idea how to handle or how to overcome.

You try to discuss it with your manager but you get no help (one of the reasons being in some of the cases your manager doesn't have the answer, or the experience, or the wisdom) instead you get a warning that you have to improve your figures, or else . . . .

If some of the above is you, don't despair, you are on the right website. There is nothing wrong with the world of sales, that's the way it has always been and that's the way it will always be. There is nothing wrong with you either, it is all part of the selling game. Your employer doesn't want to hear excuses, your bank manager doesn't want to hear excuses and certainly your clients don't want to hear excuses either, why should they? If you don't give them a good deal someone else will.

Deep down you don't want to hear excuses either, you only wish that you could switch off that little voice inside your brain that says that it can't be done (We all have 2 voices inside our brains, one says that it can be done and the other one says it can't be done, it's very simple, only listen to the positive one).

What can you do?

Improve your mental attitude

It's your attitude! It's your thinking! It's the way you look at the selling profession! When you were doing very well you never complained. Why should you? The reason you never complained was because doing well was part of the selling game. Not to do well is also part of the selling game!

Salespeople are a very special bunch of individuals, we always like to take credit when we are doing well but we never accept responsibility when we are not doing well, it's much easier to blame it on outside circumstances. We only deserve credit for succeeding if we accept full responsibility for not succeeding.

On this website I'll tell you how to make this your best year ever. I'll tell you what you are doing wrong and how to correct it. But I won't just tell you nice things, I'll tell you the truth and sometimes the truth is hard to take.

Make the change!
improve your self motivation - Sales Attitude

A world with almost endless possibilities, where anything can happen, dreams can come true, you can make a lot of money, go on expensive holidays, buy a new car and buy your partner expensive presents.

But, the opposite can also happen, you can live your worst nightmare when everybody around you is making lots of sales and you just can't make it "click". You were doing well but all of a sudden it looks like you just can't convince the prospects to say yes, no matter how hard you try. You then look for excuses and tell your boss that the clients you have talked to this week, or this month, were the worst that you have ever talked to, a complete waste of time.

Then you go and look for other colleagues who are also not selling and all get together and discuss "why" their prospects didn't buy and you all agree that there must be something wrong with the clients for not realizing how good the deal on offer was.

You start to lose faith in your ability to do the job and start towing with the idea that perhaps this is not the right job for you, and in the back of your mind you start considering doing other things which seem easier and less complicated, and start telling everybody around you that the job you will be doing after is so much better and more interesting, blah, blah, blah.

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